Free download Gusto – Recipes Management System Free (Php Script)

Gusto – Recipes Management System Free (Php Script)

Gusto – Recipes Management System Download Script (Download Php Script)

ABOUT Gusto – Recipe Management System
Gusto is a powerful platform for managing recipes for food-specific websites. It comes with many features that make it easy to manage the system. Users can open accounts and create their own recipes, or use the app to manage your own account and share it with your friends. The web application is a great way to set up your website, it is very easy to set up and customize, and we offer great support that does not require and experience web development . Take a look at this great scenario, you will be even more impressed! Enjoy!

Free Script Features

    • Completely secure system (SQL injection, XSS, CSRF)
    • It is built on the powerful CodeIgniter Framework, which has been tried and tested by millions of developers.
  • User and Registration System
    • Users can open an account using the fast and easy registration Popup.
    • The Login System comes with the Forgotten Password to enable users to reset their passwords via email.
  • Recipe Maker
    • Members / Manager adds unlimited recipes.
    • Add recipe category, descriptions, Ingredients, video , unlimited multiple upload images, featured images, cooking time, people serving, and more…
    • SEO is optimized for recipes using meta keywords and meta tags.
    • Let everyone share their recipe on social media (Facebook, twitter, google +, ..)
    • Reviews using the Facebook plugin.
    • membership
    • Having a great profile includes member information and recipes.
    • Manage or update information in profile settings (country, name, username, gender, user profile,…).
    • More detail recipe with CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) (featured image, upload many unlimited images for recipes, description, video, Ingredients, more amazing details ..).
    • Comment on other user recipes.
    • Search the website by category or recipe name.
    • Share recipe on social media (Facebook, twitter, google +, ..).
    • See other members’ profile.
    • Subscribe to our website and follow the new recipes added when you register.
    •  Read blog posts, share and comment (via facebook plugin).
    • Contact support using the contact form and contact information.
  • Admin Panel
    • Flexible control panel system with full option.
    • Only the administrator role can enter the admin panel.
    • Change website settings (name, logo, favicon, time zone, site description, language, direction…).
    • Change website SEO settings (meta keywords, meta description).
    • Change contact information (email, phone,…).
    • Unlimited slide images about the recipe.
    • Change social media pages.
    • Manage Members (Edit, Delete, Add and view Member Information) and change member roles (Normal member, administrator).
    • Manage recipe categories (add, edit, delete, view).
    • Manage recipes (Add, edit, delete and confirm member recipe).
    • Confirm member recipes to appear on the website.
    • You can make / disable the recipe that appears.
    • Manage Blog Posts (add, edit, delete, view).
    • Manage ADS and choose your location dynamically, otherwise google ads or custom ad images on website.
    • Can see / delete subscribed users.
    • Manage sliders that appear on the website (add, edit, delete, view).
    • With this admin panel, you can manage and control everything that appears on the website with its full option.
  • Including trendy website interface.
    • With home page
      • Dynamic slider images.
      • Widgets for popular recipes, popular authors, counting social media pages and simple search
      • Latest recipes added
      • Ajax Subscribe form
    • It included the single page category and advanced search for the category of recipes.
    • Including single awesome page slack details for recipes.
    • The User Profile included all the details about the author and his recipes.
    • Tips and tricks page contains admin posts
    • One page for trip and cheat.
    • Contact form to make your customer easy to reach you.
    • Login / Register / Forgot Password
    • Amazing Dashboard for registration user, includes setting page, user recipes and page for recipe management.
  • Other features
    • Integrated DISQUS tool to allow you to comment on the article. Now read the documentation showing how to add it to your website.
    • Ready for Translation Languages ​​(English and Arabic)
    • RTL Support for Admin panel and website
    • It is easy to install and use (without the necessary coding knowledge).
    • Great design for website and admin panel
    • Fully Responsive for Website and Admin Panel
    • Clean Code with height performance.
    • Easy Customization
    • Friendly with SEO.
    • High performance.
    • More features will come.


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